Ramping Up…. some FAQs

Hello Hackers!

Some notes before our event on Saturday, Jan 24.

To re-iterate our goals, they are easy:

  • have fun (#1 with a bullet)
  • meet nerds, network
  • build something neat, which is demonstrable and placed on a public repo (e.g. GitHub)

Here are some answers to common questions

How do I prepare ?

  • Think about some ideas you might like to work on (more below)
  • Bring a laptop with your tools installed. Developers and designers should have their working environment already set up.
  • We want to show off our efforts, so developers should set up an account on GitHub

What is “something neat” ?

You decide! More below, but everyone has the chance to pitch an idea in the AM. You’ll vote on the project that sounds “neat” to you.

What is “demonstrable” ?

Your team will demo your effort in the PM. A “demo” can range from a slick UI to a code-level API that you’ve written on the back-end. Whatever works for you, but we do ask that there is something to show, even if it is just the start of a larger idea. Prefer a coherent narrative over completeness.

Why a public repo ?

Having a body of work will show the world what our IT community can do. Set up on GitHub!

More on ideas

Please think about ideas you’d like to pitch. Try and find an idea that you’re passionate about: when you “scratch the itch”, then presenting the idea will be effortless.

The pitch can be a mobile app, civic hacking (aka open data), or a hyper-local app, tailored for life on PEI. Surprise us!

For some potential data sources, consider these:

Most Important

This event is stress-free, and not about nerds competing to find the top alpha-geek! We’re chill. Come inside and play!

see you soon,

PEI Devs