What, exactly, is a hackathon? I’m nervous.

If you’re nervous about coming out to our event, read on.

We understand. Maybe you’ve never been to a hackathon. In fact, what is it, exactly?

Our hackathon is a day-long hacking session, where peeps break-out into small, cross-functional teams to build something cool. Ideas include open data/civic hacking, games, or a hyper-local Island app — you name it. At the end of the day, teams present their work to the group.

If you’re intimidated, we “get it” because we’ve been nervous too. Some of us have the same concerns (plus we have to organize this thing!). It’s only natural, but take heart: this is a friendly, chill event. We just want to meet people and celebrate the tech community here.

Perhaps you’re concerned about not knowing how to code, or design. Our invite says it best: Hackers, Designers, Artists, Thinkers. That’s it: egos will be absent. Really. We hired a teenager to check them at the door.

Ok, maybe that last bit isn’t true. But it is true that we just want to have a blast creating something! It’s a fabulous chance to forge experiences and share ideas in a safe place, free from the pressures of work.

Take a look at the happy smiles at our last hackathon, in the summer of 2013 (under our deprecated moniker). It’s fun!

So, come inside and play!