2017 Q1 Elder Meeting Notes

Hey Folks,

The elder group met earlier this week and I wanted to share some of the high level details with you all.

2017 Growth Potential

Like last quarter, our goal is to make sure that we try and do one “Beginner” talk and one “Advanced” talk each month. This was proposed to ensure that the group (and topics) remain approachable for newcomers of all levels of technical experience. A “Beginner” talk is one that is not building on a previous discussion or topic. an “advanced” talk will be one that builds on a previous talk.

We also wants to see more people giving talks. I dont have the exact number off hand, but we had a lot of new people giving talks in the last 12 year and it has been great to see. We want to make sure that trend continues.

Code of Conduct

As a group, we have to hold ourselves to a standard and certain level of respect in the community. Over the next few weeks we will be rolling out a code of conduct for the group, which will cover events and slack.

We want to make sure that the code of conduct is clear to make sure everyone is aware of the goals and standards that we hold the group to.

Big 2 Events

We are aware that the attendance of Global Day of Code Retreat and the Hackathon have been down in recent years. As a result of time and effort needed to run these events, we will be dropping the Hackathon for the coming year and focusing solely on Global Day of Code Retreat.

Emoji Hats

You may have noticed that a few of us are now wearing hats in slack. This is help you identify who an elder is in case you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have anything to bring up. This could be a complaint, concern, topic for a meetup, need a friend invited to slack, or anything else.


Sean Whalley